George W Bush is visiting Kuwait

KIPCO is inviting George W. Bush, US ex-president, to a luncheon in his honor this Thursday Oct. 13th.

The lunch will be attended by a few selected people, or as I call them the few very lucky few.

I would steer away from Salmiya and Gulf Road this Thursday noon till afternoon, or you might get stuck in traffic.


20 Responses to George W Bush is visiting Kuwait

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  2. theweeklyargus says:

    Do you actually consider the people who were invited to be lucky? I, personally, would love to Bush speak, but I just assumed that everybody outside of America (and, honestly, a lot of people in America) hated him.

    • buzfairy says:

      hmmm… how can i diplomatically answer that?

      let me think a bit ;)….. 1st lol @ ppl hating him, i don’t think that’s true. 2ndly, it’s got free lunch, so of course i wana b there. 3rd i’m out of ideas 🙂

  3. Nivine says:

    R you serious, why would anyone be lucky attending such a meeting with this idiot? I agree with the weeklyargus, he is realy the worst president ever!!! I hope he gets another shoe in his forehead, hope this time it reaches right to the target…:o)
    Plus why would Kipco invite him, he left the worst economic file in history of America to President Obama, its not likely that he would be giving them the smartest financial opinion!….duuuuuuuuuuuuh

    • buzfairy says:

      this has got to be one of the most difficult comments i ever got on this blog.

      For me, the luck would be the ability to interact with the invited elite. It never hurts to mingle with the right kind of people 🙂

      As for the shoe thing, I didn’t like it the first time he got it, it was very vulgar and disrespectful. If the iraqi journalist had guts, he shud’ve tried that crap on saddam!

      I have no clue why KIPCO have invited him, I don’t really know what they want from him. It would be great to be a fly on that wall on that lunch day 🙂

      Thank u so much for this lovely comment 🙂

    • wayne ricarte says:

      You are miss informed. Oboma has spent more money than the last 6 presidents combined and this “Jackwagon” hasn’t even been in office a full term. Get informed before you pop off it makes you look like the idiot you most likely are…you voted for the Muslim Non-American right. Get a grip.

      • buzfairy says:

        Hmmm… I’m missing ur point here, what is it you want to say? And who exactly is the idiot? 🙂

      • theweeklyargus says:

        Wayne, Wayne, Wayne. I’m afraid it is you who is misinformed–unless you’re referring to some lady as “Miss Informed,” that is, in which case I apologize for the misunderstanding as you were clearly trying to compliment someone.

        But I’m not familiar with this “Oboma” person you talk about. Could you inform me who that is?

        I guess these are the types of things people who think Obama is a Muslim who was born in Kenya talk about, though. Do you get together with all the people who think 9/11 was an inside job to talk about silly conspiracies? You guys are so cute with your cute little theories 🙂

        If you’d like, we can discuss this over drinks and back rubs later on. Make sure to bring the lotion, though! I prefer anything coconut scented.

      • buzfairy says:

        Great words, I’m super impressed with you 🙂

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  5. theweeklyargus says:

    I find it very interesting how somebody took “I personally would love to hear Bush speak” to mean “George Bush is the worst president ever.” I always seem to have trouble expressing what I really mean, so I’m so glad my point was clear enough for everyone to understand.

    But, to be honest, I don’t know why people are always so hard on Bush for the economy. Congress controls the majority of spending, not the President. So since Bush had a Democratic Congress during his last term, so wouldn’t both parties be to blame since Congress approved his economic ideas?

    But hey, I’m really not all that smart. Obviously Nivine can read minds, and I can’t begin to compete with that. However, I can offer a great scalp massage and pretend to read your mind if you’re in to that sort of thing.

  6. Nivine says:

    lol theweeklyargus, obviously you have a very high sense of humour…:o) so funny!!!

    • buzfairy says:

      oh nivine, u just got to know the weekly argus?

      … i’ve known him now for a couple of months now…. this guy is just amazing and so hilarious, he’s absolutely superb… chk out his blog, it’ll crack u up… big time 🙂

      He’s that good!!

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  8. Nivine says:

    I will check it out, definitely!!!….:)

  9. KC says:

    Curious, why now? Does GWB have some announcement to make. Perhaps he is going to make good on his promise to America…”the Iraqi war will not cost Americans a penny” Perhaps he is going to make good on this…? I look forward to the press conference notes…will you be posting these?

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