Reminder: Student needs your help with a survey

Survey Link

A few days ago I posted about a Kuwaiti student called Jassim, who is doing his Master’s degree, and needs help with a survey needed for a report he’s doing.

A lof of you, including me, have been nice enough to complete the easy Q&A survey. Since his report is due in just a few days, I though about posting a reminder, just in case someone new would be kind enough to help him out.

Survey Link


3 Responses to Reminder: Student needs your help with a survey

  1. theweeklyargus says:

    After taking this survey I immediately went online and invested every penny of my life savings (which is almost enough to buy two entire boxes of cereal–I prefer cocoa crispies if you ever send me a box) into high-risk stocks on the KSA, thus grossly skewing the sample.

    Once my investment results in a huge return, I plan on becoming a hedge fund mogul in the Middle East, buying a few condos in Dubai, and guzzling expensive champagne while I mingle with high-end prostitutes on my yacht.

    You’re welcome to join me if you’d like!

    • buzfairy says:

      Like I would ever need an invitation…. I’m onboard ๐Ÿ˜€

      And super major lolz on your comments, omg u’re hilarious xoxo

      I know we’ve got rice crispies, but not chocolate. The choco ones are called coca puffs, wud they do?

  2. Kind_of says:

    Well .. Madry shino sawait fe el survey and it just closed and i cant go back .. So i think i’m done with that .. Mafahamt wala shay its not my major ๐Ÿ˜‰

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