Shai5na El3ood is Giving a Speech Today

Sh. Suba7 is giving a speech today… A lot of speculation is going around what it’s about.

Most people say Sh. Suba7 will: Ey7el majlis elOmma and call for new elections on April 30 and change the Prime Minister. No word on who will be our new PM yet.

Other people are speculating that he’ll drop consumer loans, but I don’t think so. That doesn’t make sense, because a lot of hard working people go by their lives without borrowing money, and it won’t be fair to them.

No word so far as for the timing of the speech either, but they say it’s around noon time, not night. Allah yster 3alaina inshalla.

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One Response to Shai5na El3ood is Giving a Speech Today

  1. enshallah khair ! wayh hl deera 3leena khair 😉 he was soooo Happy weya le7tifalaat eli ana zaadaat fr7itii wallah 🙂 7alna n3mah mn allah o fi nas lazem t7trem nafs.ha o ma tq3ad etbade3 fi lekwait ! kafi eli yaha min 9e7aat.hum she7leelna wallah mn gheer 9ee7at maglis el omah hl shahar 😛 enshallah good news are coming hopefully

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