Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Coin

  • This special royal coin costs £10, with a face value of £5.
  • It has been approved by both the bride and the groom, AND the Queen who appears on the coin’s other side.

Childhood Icecream

I had a huge smile on my face yesterday, when I saw this old chilchool memory dessert at LuLu Hyper Market. I can honestly say it’s been decades since I saw it last.

I wonder if it still tastes as good.

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Kuwait lel7een eb5air

A Kuwaiti named 3ayed Hatlan Al-3azmi donated money to establish a new Physio Therapy hospital in Adan Medical Area.

Yezak allah alf 5air yal3azmi w yj3allah men meezan a3malik inshalla.

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Sad Kuwaiti Un-Employment

I saw this ad in the paper. What caught my attention is that the guy is asking to work for businessmen or politicians. It looks like he’s lost all faith in the government finding him work.

With people like him, whom have both the education (western US) and experience, the government has no business wasting KD 40 million on Bahrain or other countries.

We have major problems internally. There are a lot of people like this man, educated and experienced trying hard to find work for many years now. If anyone needs and deserves help, its Kuwaiti people like this man. Not other people from other countries, whom have governments of their own to help them and look out for them.

This is really sad and depressing.

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Prince Al-Waleed’s Wife with Prince Charles

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These are pictures of Prince Charles with Ameera Al-Taweel, Prince Al-Waleed Biin Talal’s wife. They were taken at the re-opning ceremony of The Savoy Hotel in London.

Click here to see more pictures of her, at the opening of the New Islamic Adition to the Louvre, for example.

Testing Posting Multiple Pics using WP for BlackBerry

Usually, the bb doesn’t allow me to pick more than one picture per post. But somehow this morning, it’s letting me.

So I posted 3 random pics, of organic soft drinks we had at Fuel Burger in Dubai. The drinks were awful btw.

Now let’s see how they look when posted. What I’m interested in is the layout of the pics. Will they be organized, and other stuff like that.

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