Dr. Al-Khateeb’s Speech in Change Sq. كلمة د الخطيب في تجمع ساحة التغيير

The link to the full article is here.

I didn’t go to today’s gathering since I’m not that convinced of the demands made there. I agree that Sh. Naser has performed very badly, made many enemies, and that his job now is that more difficult to do considering his many and multiple opposers.

That being said, I have followed the gathering on Mubasher TV Channel, and I’m vey impressed with what’s being said, the people there, and the many public figures that went there in support of the protestors demands.

Sh. Naser used to be a very respectable member of the ruling family. But his performance as a PM has been very poor.

  • He has been accused of paying unexplainable amounts (some of which was public money) to public figures, without justifiable reasons.
  • His handeling of many conflicts is both shortsighted and contradictive (like the removal of the Kerby mosques).
  • Allowing someone to be tortured to death in his government was totally unacceptable.
  • The use of force against unarmed people and against high profile characters like Dr. Al-Wasmi was unprecedented.
  • The use of force and the beatings of Members of Parliament is unforgivable.
  • He broke Kuwait’s long time reputation of not having political or free speech prisoners.
  • The continued internal struggle between him and Sh. Ahmad Al-Fahad has only weakened his position as someone who’s deserving of the PM post.
  • The amount of corruption in Kuwait has reached the max, with no development of any level in his years of governing.

For all this, we deserve a better PM. There I’ve said it. I tried hard not to get sucked into this protest thing, but still. One might reach a limit where they’re forced to voice their opinion.


2 Responses to Dr. Al-Khateeb’s Speech in Change Sq. كلمة د الخطيب في تجمع ساحة التغيير

  1. q8othug says:

    good for you

    always speak your mind out. regardless of who rides along with the idea 🙂

    • buzfairy says:

      Lol, that wasn’t the case here.

      I wasn’t into the rally to begin with, not liked its bad timing or some of the ppl going there.

      But since already done, I thought I wud share my opion, just incase ppl thought I was with keeping the PM 🙂
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