God Help Japan


9 Responses to God Help Japan

  1. babble says:

    God help the whole of the pacific. This tsunami is 33ft in height and could pick up height and strength as it moves into the pacific and gets wind behind it. It is due to hit the philipinnes anytime in the next two hours and then if it heads east, hawaii by 11pm our time tonight…this thing moves slowww, who knew water could be so deadly.
    This brought me to tears this morning when I saw it on the news… God help these people.

      • shania lal says:

        god help japan …help them o lord..give them strength poweer energy and the faith….help them to bear the pain of their lost ones o lord.. i ask u to guide them,….give them protection and love..be with them always and forever…. i am twelve and i live in t and t ….

  2. HudaHed says:

    Thank u for anouncing this
    Da3awat.na ma3ahm allah y3enhm walla mayestahlon

  3. Fatema says:

    Allah ye7f’6hom yarab oo y3enhom 😦

  4. surirose says:

    Please MY GOD help Japanese O MY LORD

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