Disturbing: Video of Bahraini Forces Shooting a Protester

The shooting happens at the beginning of the video. It’s totally unacceptable, and it’s only gona get worse and more violent with the incoming GCC troops.

Update: This is an update, I just found a new video that captures the same shooting, but from a different angle. Um Totta (one of my readers whom commented on this post) was absolutely right. The protestor was acting as if he was shot. This new video clearly shows him walking away, blood free, from the attack.


Rashed Al-Majed’s Bahraini Song اغنية “البحرين مانرضى عليها” لراشد الماجد

الاغنية اسمها “البحرين مانرضى عليها” لراشد الماجد و احمد الهرمي

Watch Bahrain TV for Live Updates on GCC Army Troops

Saudi, Kuwaiti, and Emirati troops are either already in or on their way to Bahrain.

Allah yster 3ala elba7rain inshalla.

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Iraqis Turn Their Parliament into a Comedy Show

It’s like watching comedy on TV, don’t miss from min 2.40, it’s unbelievable.

The Saudi Army is in Bahrain

The Saudi Army has crossed King Fahad Bridge, and is not inside Bahrain. This is major news, why isn’t any channel reporting this?

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Devastating Before & After Pics of Miagi, Japan

These are pictures are real, taken from Google’s Street View service, showing the before and after earthquake and tsunami destruction.

Top Ten Songs of February