Kuwait’s Opera House

Last year, it was announced that Kuwait was planning on establishing an Opera house, with a an area of 50,000 sq meters. Today’s papers have finally given us the location of this beacon of music, which will be called Sh. Jaber Al-Ahmad complex.

It’s going to be on Gulf Road, between Al-Salam Palace and Flag Sq. (Sa7at Al-A3alam).

I don’t know if this location is ideal, in terms of traffic and more importantly from a scenery and architecture point of view. I feel it should be located in a strategic place, like that of the Sydney Opera House, where people from far away can see and appreciate it.

However, I love Al-Salam Palace, and hate how it’s all ruined now. Maybe having the Opera House beside it will make the government finally remodel and renovate this beautiful palace.

I couldn’t find any drawings of the new Opera House, so I used pictures of beautiful Kuwaiti buildings instead. I chose one from our past (Salam Palace) and one newer (Majlis Al-Omma).

And I also found this cool site that has lots of old Kuwaiti pictures. Browse through SkyScraperCity if you like to see more of Kuwait’s beautiful 50’s & 60’s architecture.

Pic credits: Salam Palace pic is from Skyscrapercity. The National Assembly pic is from Atif Peshimam,


2 Responses to Kuwait’s Opera House

  1. noon says:

    finally!! im glad e have a kuwaity opera singer now 😀

    • buzfairy says:

      Lol… I have a friend who sings amazing opera, but ofcourse isn’t willing to perform in public.

      I wonder if I can get her to allow me to record her voice, that wud be great 🙂
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

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