Full Name of Kuwaiti Member of Irani Spy Circle اسم المتهم الكويتي بالخلية الايرانية

حصل لبس كبير في اسم المتهم الكويتي الوحيد بالخلية الارهابية الايرانية المتهمة بالخيانة العظمى لدولة الكويت

كثير من المنتديات و البلوقات قامت مغلوطة، وانا منهم، بنشر معاومة خاطئة بان المتهم الكويتي هو ابن لاعب منتخب الكويت السابق مؤيد الحداد

و للايضاح و لصحة المعلومات، فان المتهم الكويتي هو ابن لاعب فريق القادسية السابق المرحوم مؤيد سلطان فرج، الذي لعب لفترة قصيرة مع فريق القادسية و كان يشتغل في الجيش الكويتي، و ليس ابن اللاعب السابق مؤيد الحداد

مع العلم بان اسم مؤيد الحداد الكامل هو مؤيد “لفتة عيلان” و ليس “سلطان فرج عبدالله” الحداد


16 Responses to Full Name of Kuwaiti Member of Irani Spy Circle اسم المتهم الكويتي بالخلية الايرانية

  1. Sharg says:

    Dear I wanna clarify something when it comes to homosabians ( that’s what my friends calls them)… In other words ( aseeel or aseeleen min nayd) … This asel thing makes sense only to a small group of kuwaitis… ( mr friend who calls them homosabians is from very very Aseel family in Kwt). To the rest of us it means nothing!
    Let me explain it it terms u can get…
    A girl named sugar loves Hermes bag… To her and her family Hermes are the only genuin leather bags on this planet.. No other bag is the real deal… Yet to another girl named spice.. She loves Hermes bags… And Tom fords… And Chanel… And lv… And all funky bags exsist in this world… And verity and the many choices she has is so liberating to her which makes owning a certain bag is a great pleasure !!!
    I am 3eemeyah. Not shee3eyah. Not senneyah… I’m a Muslim… Kuwaiti… 3elmaneyah…and I got friends from all over the world… And guess what? I work in a place that gets to your head every day…!!!!!!!
    My point is …. Shakhbaaaaaaaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy el takhalluf!!!! And by the way… The scientists say that we all came from Africa! That would kill you if it’s true!

    • buzfairy says:

      Do you even read what I write before you rant?

      Come on, u keep on coming up with ridiculous falsful comments, and all on ur own.

      I don’t see how ur comment are related to my post.

  2. Sharg says:

    Maybe u need to re read all your comments my llittle narrow minded homosabian friend. You jump from an opinion to another !!! Stick to one and go to bed

  3. Sharg says:

    Yes and woooooo booooo I’m a Muslim 3eeemeyah coming to get ya… Boooo…. Looool in halloween wear a (me) custom looool.. Ok had my fun for today…. Let’s see tomorrow…

  4. خالد says:

    خطأ آخر اخي
    مويد ليس اسم ابوع عيلان

    • buzfairy says:

      3eelan esm yaddah 🙂

      Ana 7a6a esm “lafta” bayn qowssayn 3ashan eykoon wathe7 🙂
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

  5. Sharg says:

    It’s an 3eeemi laugh lol

  6. af says:

    Shocking that u deleted ur comments..Just to clarify something that shows how far ur educated about religions and sects..mashallah tabark il rahman FULL knoweledge…NOT all shee3a are 3yam and mo kilina min IRAN..shocking huh?..oo u mentioned Sayed qallaf as 3eemy lool News flash hes not……na9ee7a dont talk or sorry BLABBER about something u know jack about…..na9ee7a stop talking politics it will only bring u trouble i promise you it will

    • buzfairy says:

      Are u high or drunk?

      Haven’t u seen all the nasty comments that I allowed here?

      Why wud I delete a comment u stupid fool? I know how to respond w acha3em anyone who has anything to say!

      W Tara theba7toona, we knowi, mo kil elshei3a 3ayam…. Entaw do u know that? Coz this is the only thing u ever talk abt….. Do u have a ba67a gala rasiki or a huge chip on ur shoulders? El3ayam bo3bo3 em5ar3eenkum?

      Get over ur own personal ignorance and insecurities!

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