Watch Hussni Mubarak’s speech Here

Taken from Kaifan5.


7 Responses to Watch Hussni Mubarak’s speech Here

  1. Nivine says:

    i can’t really read within the lines here, his address has a tone of a president and not an ex…honestly, i no longer believe that Army is behind the ppl completely…its multi-faceted…very confusing indeed, but poor Hossni’s voice shows a v vulerable health state..we should wait and watch…

    • buzfairy says:

      I never liked the army governing the ppl… It felt like they knew more, knew better, and never truly believed in self governance.

      They say he sounds as if he had recorded the speech over time, and not at once.

      He is quite old, and elsara7a, what happened to him, ousting him in this way had to take its toll on him 😦

  2. in-love-with-laguna says:

    اي مبين تعبان الصراحة ما ينلام !
    اقلبوا عليه قلبه المصريين بس يبدو لي اهو مو سيئ للهدرجة !
    هذيلا لو عندهم اصديم !! جان اشسووو فيه

    • buzfairy says:

      Lol, 7elwa, lol

      Ana men elawal kan rayyi enah he’s wasn’t as bad as his son, bs lel asaf, elnas shagooni shag.

      Ana kakwaitiya w mara belgazew, 3endi wala2 wayd kbeer 7g mbarak… W belnehaya, ana rayi enah makan dictator eb gad makan fased w 3yalah bawageen… Bs laho dectator wala thabba7 wala mo3atheb

      Wayn eli ythker enjazatah… Elnas nasya enah mser gbl 30 sina mahi maser eli al7een 3gb ma mbarak mesakha… kfaya enah ebjanazat elsadat, wala ra2ees 5aleeji 7ethar… And yet in just 2 yrs of 7km mbarak, maser erja3at laha elqeyada w radaw eljam3a el3arabiya 3endaha.

      5al ythkoroon 5ayr elrayyal, allah eyhadahum bs… Ertaqa ebsom3at maser 3arabiyan, and they shud thk him for that
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  3. in-love-with-laguna says:

    I agree with u

  4. Nivine says:

    Regardless of our opinion about Mubarak, the Army’s intervention is very constitutional, however, in view of fact that 6an6awi is an integral part of previous Regime, the Army’s nutrality isn’t very evident here..ppl in Egypt have come to realize this just now!

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