My Review of Burger King’s New Cheesy Chicken Royale

تشيزي تشكن رويال – ساندويش دجاج مقرمش محشو بقطع من الجبن الذائب اللذيذ

Cheesy Chicken Royale , crunchy chicken filled with delicious melted cheese

Burger King’s new sandwich comes out tomorrow.

We got to taste the new Cheesy Chicken Royale sandwich today, before it officially comes out tomorrow. Burger King delivered 4 meals of the new sandwich, along with fries and coke.

It has the same build of Chicken Royale sandwich with a major difference being the patty is made of a mixture of Chicken, shredded mozzarella and mature cheddar supported with natural cheese flavor in order to convey a well balanced chicken-cheese taste

The new sandwich comes with cheese, lettuce, and mayo. I ordered mine without the mayo. First thing you taste is the cheese. It’s not a strong mature taste, but you can’t mistake the cheesy taste. It was wonderful. The chicken fillet was light and airy, making the whole sandwich light to eat.

I think the new sandwich is a good addition to Burger King’s other chicken sandwiches, especially for people who would like to taste something other than ketchup and mayo on their burgers.

Try the sandwich out, you’ll like its unique cheesy taste. Also, if you like Burger King, be a fan of their Facebook page.

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Special thanks to Mrs. Beebi Al-Qitami, from Kout Food Group,  for this wonderful lunch.


3 Responses to My Review of Burger King’s New Cheesy Chicken Royale

  1. BananaQ8 says:

    bel 3afyaaaaaaa 🙂 ee 3jebatny 5afeefa o latheetha mn zeman mo makel chethy sandwiches 🙂

  2. Kaifan5 says:

    yummy yummy … I will try it

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