I Upgraded my RAM On My Own


I’ve wanted to upgrade my RAM memory for sometime now. I got two 2GB sticks ordered from TransIntl, as recommended by Mark. I bought the pair, along with 2nd Day US shipping for $48. But then I got slapped here in Kuwait at the customs, where I paid an additional KD25 in fees. That makes this purchase a very sour, and failed, one.

Anyways, I decided to do the upgrade yesterday. I opened up the laptop’s cover, removed the Battery, and went on to unscrew the screws. That is where I got into trouble. It turns out my screwdrivers weren’t working. I sent the driver to Lawazem Al-3ayla to get me a #00, but they didn’t have any, and told him to go to Shuwaikh.  What a load of BS.

Anyways, I found another screwdriver from an old corporate giveaway. And it worked. So I went on to open the laptop cover, removed the old RAMs, and put in the new ones. I had also done some small cleaning up of my laptop earlier in the day, so I can’t say for sure if the new RAM made any difference in performance speed so far.

The whole process was super easy. I had taken some shots when I initially started, but then threw the camera away when the screwdriver problem happened. And as I was changing the RAMs, it totally escaped my mind to take pics again. So all I have now are pre and post pictures only. I’m not really sure I should’ve taken off the stickers, but it didn’t make sense for me to keep them on the RAMs.

I referred to this vid and this help from Apple for the installation process.


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