Fahad Al-Butairi at Laugh for Life Comedy Night at Dasman Center

Fahad Al-Butairi was part of the Laugh for Life comedy night at Dasman Diabetic Center. Check the vid from minute 2, it just cracked me up so much.

The video was shot and uploaded using the iPhone4 VIVA gave me.


9 Responses to Fahad Al-Butairi at Laugh for Life Comedy Night at Dasman Center

  1. Ma6foog says:

    looooooool omg that was hilarious …. wow i thought he would suck but actually … he rocks .. was the show all like that ??!!!

    • buzfairy says:

      If you can believe it, it was a whole lot better….. We were laughing non-stop, really non-stop.

      Read my new post, I put in a new vid 🙂

      Why didn’t you come? I had an extra ticket, and I tweeted about it!!

      • Ma6foog says:

        T_T sorry my kid was soooo sick on the past 2 days i didnt even do any new posts since i was busy running him from hospital to home and home to hospital with all the fever and some spots on ….

      • buzfairy says:

        Alf salama inshalla…

        What’s wrong? I’ve got a ton of experience in kiddi illnesses and kuwaiti hospitals.

        Spots? Do u think bushnaiter? Allergy? Viral infection?….. What did the doctors say?

      • Ma6foog says:

        its some kind of a virus all kids are having same infection i think coz of the weather … bas al7amd lellah he is ok now but am writing a quick review on al3adan Hospital … it was like hell on earth i was like OMG **** them then headed to dar al shefaa spent 40 KD even if it was a 10000 i dont care all i care about is seeing my little boy well and playfull as before

        the virus need like 4 to 5 days to go by it self no medicine needed as Dar alshifa doctor says

        … bas lol i am amazed are you a doctor …you look like you know what you are talking about 🙂

      • buzfairy says:

        Alf el7mdella he’s ok now 😀 La wallah i’m not, i’m terribly stupid in school, but one of my best friends is a pediatric doctor. So if u ever need anything, just ask me 🙂

        But pls don’t writeup El3addan, it’s an amazing hospital.

        A few years ago, my best friend’s kid came back with a terrible rare virus, from London, just as they came back from holiday there. She took him to Hadi, to his own dr in Mubarak, to Saba7, and to NBK children hospital.

        He had a 40 degree fever, and his abdomen and neck and lymphic glands were all swollen. They told her it was a tumor 😦 Doctors kept him on 24-hr IV antibiotic to control the fever, but it wasn’t working. They would poke him every 2 hours, for three straight days.

        On the 4th day, she decided to take him to London, coz no one in Kuwait knew what was going on. However, at midnight before her flight, me and my other friend convinced her to take him to el3addan where we have a dr friend. Our dr friend was recommending she take her kid to an indian dr in 3addan. So 3ogb 7anna w bachi, she said ok.

        We took them there, in wallah 10 minutes, the indian dr knew what was wrong. The virus the kid had was very rare in Kuwait, that’s why no doctor knew what it was. Do you know what the treatment was? Special antibiotics, some pills, and that was it.

        The kid still had to go through liver enzyme testing, every 10 days for 4 months, at the disease center. Couldn’t go to school for 6 weeks la2anah his spleen was swollen, and might ynba6 etha 6aggah shay. But what saved this kid’s life was el3addan hospital.

        Plus, if u follow my blog, u know ana bilchale every weekend… Almost once a month, sometimes 2-3 during holiday season, we’re there in 3addan, lol. I know it better than my Emiri and saba7 hospitals.

        Like I said, alf el7mdella 3ala salamat weldik xoxoxo And be kind to 3addan pls 😉

      • Ma6foog says:

        ok i wont write a review 3ashan 5a6rech .. bas this is what happened

        after we went to the hospital @ 12:30 am we waited our turn and went into some doctor who we saw walking in and out of a doctors room but he tend to be the doctor (we didnt know coz he wasnt wearing a rob or a tag) so after we went in this guy was like crazy or something …. when my wife talk he smile when i talk he turn his face and talk to me eb nafs 5aysa … so 6awaft shway …
        next he said we should give my son some Moghathy if we Puke means he got fever if he doesnt he will do other tests we said ok…
        my son didnt puke so he went to get some senior doctor openion and we followed him …..
        he gave us the tests while we were in his room my wife went out because my son was sooo … mesta3ser coz he is mareeth and the doctor was so angry and didnt like my kid (what did you expect him to do sit on the chair and smile for you he is SICK FOR **** SAKE)
        so we went out and did a blood test and only one person allowed in the blood thingy room so i left my wife inside so after like 10 minutes my wife came out and shouted come quick …. my son’s hand was pouring out blood like a fountain and he was shouting out of pain …. awal marra asma3 ennah a 1.5 years old blood be taken from el chaff not el thera3 ???!!!! so i didnt know what to do .. i was thinking of Blasting that hospital off

        then my wife today headed to dar elshefa were the doctor in 10 minutes knew what he had and said every thing will be ok and it is … no med needed

        so what do you think Buz ?!!!

      • buzfairy says:

        Ok, first of all I felt very sad about ur story 😦 ….. U should totally write a post about that shit!! That reminds me of decatrat el7ekooma gbl elmagreb in ramadhan…. We have to wait till they, allah eysalmik wiyyahum, ytfa6erron w ytfathoun linna!!

        I totally agree with u, emergency doctors suck, big time. Me and my friends go in, tell them 1-2-3, and explain everything in details. If you leave it up to ER doctors in kwt, you’re screwed 😦

        I don’t know why they do that. I don’t know why they’re not better than that!!

        I can’t wait to read your post, I love kids, they deserve the best from us xoxo

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