Dangerous Veggies

Don’t be alarmed, the contaminated veggies are in Germany, not Kuwait. But these veggies are the base for any Kuwaiti local salad, so alf el7mdella enah they’re not germ-infested here.

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4 Responses to Dangerous Veggies

  1. in-love-with-laguna says:

    عيل شناكل ؟!
    ناكل صخر ههههه
    هذا في كالوريس
    هذا في كوليسترول
    هذا في مادة مسرطنة الله يكافينا الشر
    احسن شي نزرع اكلنا بيتنا

    • buzfairy says:

      مشكلة رهيبة الصراحة… يعني الحين صار الأكل المثلج و المعلب أصح من التازة

      الواحد يتحرص انه يشتري شي زين، يغسله عدل، و يطبخه زين…. و يسمي بالرحمن

  2. Sharg says:

    How do we know we don’t have this problem here? Sultan centre has been selling us expired food for years … Amongst other places… And we dont have the technology that allow us detect such infections

    • buzfairy says:

      I don’t really think the veggies we eat here are totally clean from pesticide or growth agents, to be honest. But I think that is totally expected when we have such a harsh environment. I know farmers, and the agriculture authority are doing their best to get us local produce, at affordable prices. But honestly, I don’t have that much faith in their testing standards, or their quality tests 😦

      But thank god we don’t have any major health outbreaks. This latest vegetable infestation is thought to be E-Coli, allah eykafeenah elshar.

      El7mdella, we don’t have any major health\food problems. We just have rotten food 😉

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