Are They Saying it’s Ok to Kill Abortionists?

I don’t think this is a true. This looks like they’re saying it’s ok to kill abortionist doctors. Abortion isn’t legal in Kuwait or in most Arab states. But in the West, it goes without saying that pro-choice goes hand-in-hand with the freedom of having sex.

And what I think the people in this video are calling for is that’s it’s ok to point-blank kill abortionists. I wonder how people will react to this in the West. They probably would not like it.


2 Responses to Are They Saying it’s Ok to Kill Abortionists?

  1. deqor8 says:

    Abortion doctors in the West, particularly the USA, live in a constant state of fear … they are followed, heckled, harrassed, threathened and, yes, even murdered. They have been shot cold in their tracks and blown up by explosives in the mail that reach their offices. The list goes on & on regarding ways these doctors have died in vain.

    While abortion may be legal, the doctors do not enjoy a hunkie-dorie life. Quite the opposite.

  2. JustAnotherWoman says:

    No, being pro-choice is the belief that a woman has the right to decide what grows in her body- in no way is it an excuse to have sex. You can be married and still request an abortion for many reasons that are your CHOICE. What if the child will be a stillborn? What if giving birth will kill the mother? What if she was raped by a man who wasn’t her husband, why should she keep his child? What about incest? In Islam, a fetus isn’t even given a soul until 40 days have past.

    I do Not support promiscuity, but I believe in Choice.

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