My Baby After it’s Bath


What a royal shame. The day I decide to give my baby a good scrubbing is the day we get 40 km\hr dust winds. Look at my baby. There isn’t a trace of cleanliness anywhere on it.

But seriously speaking. I am more interested in its interior cleanliness; seat washing, carpet shampooing, and all the rest of interior cleaning works. Well, I got the car back and it only cost me KD 20, which is  a damn great price. But hey, you get what you pay for.

Ok, here’s what I like: The seats, the carpets, the dashboard, and the steering wheel are all polished and shiny and back to their original colors; especially the carpets and seats. The wax scratches on the exterior are now gone; the car has a faint, but beautiful, shiny body. I love the price and the fast friendly service. They even asked us to get the car back to them when the dust settles down, so that they could give it a good polish.

Now here’s what I didn’t like: The seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and A\C vents are all greasy and shiny; they look like they’ve been oiled. And the car has a weird “air freshener” smell. For someone who hates perfume and only likes great quality dehen 3oud; I found the smell sickening.

I’m going to need a couple of good clothes and a vacuum to get over those small negative stuff, and I’m hoping that the smell will fade away in a day or so.

Sorry I couldn’t get any interior pics, the weather is just too damn dusty. I’ll update the post with interior pics once I get the chance to.


4 Responses to My Baby After it’s Bath

  1. in_love_with_laguna says:

    حسافة !!
    تدرين أنا قبل لا نغسل الحوش لازم أشوف الأحوال الجوية و أتأكد اذا مافي غبار لأن الصراحة حرام على الماي
    أمس كنا طالعين من فندق الموفنبيك قغدنا ٤ أيام و الحمدالله إنا أمس كان آخر يوم لنا و على طاري المسابح أدري فيج تحبين المسابح ترا عندهم مسابح صادة بين الغرف و الفلل و منثرين بكل أرجاء الفندق

  2. Yousef says:

    what car wash company was that or r u not mentioning them for marketing reasons?

    • buzfairy says:

      No, that wasn’t my intention at all.

      It’s Al-Rayyan carwash in Sharq. My friend first took my car to Al-Fala7 carwash in sharq, but it turned out that they don’t do interior cleaning.

      Al-Rayyan charged me kd20, which i see is super reasonable since they polished and cleaned my seats, carpets, and everything else you can imagine.

      KD20 is a bargain elsara7a 🙂

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