I’m Looking For Good Books to Read


I’m just about the finish the “Millennium” trilogy, and so I’m looking for some good books to read once I’m done here.


I had read “The Jewel of Medina” a couple of years back, so when its sequel came out, I bought that too. I haven’t read “The Sword of Medina” yet, but I really would rather read something else if I could.


I still haven’t finished “Last Night at Chateau Marmont”, from the same author as “The Devil Wears Prada”. But only because it’s such a boring book, I don’t think I’ll ever really finish it if I had other options.


I’m going to read this new book I got called “How to Read Literature Like a Professor”; if only so that I could finish that horrible “Ulysses” book. I’m unable to read even a few pages of it at any time. So in the absence of any recommendations from you guys, I’ll probably be reading these two books next.


I’m looking something like “The Lovely Bones”, “About a Boy”, or even “Deception Point”.

Any recommendations?


Looking for Kuwaiti or Saudi Arabic Books? تبون كتب و روايات خليجية؟


قامت الجريدة بنشر اجزاء من رواياتان خليجيتان، وحدة كويتية اسمها “اليوم التالي لأمس” لوليد الرجيب، و وحدة سعودية اسمها “بيت الطاعة” لمنيرة السبيعي… أنصحكم تقرون الجزء اللي نشرته الجريدة، عشان تشوفون اذا عجوبك الروايات و يسوى تشترونهم

Google Doodle celebrates Gibran Khalil Gibran

Google Doodle celebrates the birth of Gibran Khlail Gibran.

His memorial in Washington DC.

His memorial in Boston.

His museum in Lebanon

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Enough politics, back to Last Night at Chateau Marmont

Ok, I started reading Last Night at Chateau Marmont, but then started watching Al-Watan TV’s interview between Adnan Al-Mutawa and Waleed Al-Tabtaba2i… And I think I’ve had enough politics to last me till next year, so back to my novel now.

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Now reading Last Night at Chateau Marmont

I’m tired with all this political drama these past few days, and so decided to end my weekend by reading a light and fun novel.

I decided on Last Night at Chateau Marmont, by the same author that brought us the Devil Wears Prada.

I do hope this novel turns out to be a light read, so wish me luck guys.

Google Doodle of the day celebrates Treasure Island

Google Doodle for the day celebrates the 160th birthday anniversary of novelist Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of many famous novels such as Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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Today’s Google Doodle

What’s it about? I thought Cluedo at first, but it turns out to be an Agatha christie’s 120th birthday tribute. I wasn’t that way off, thank god.

Watch this cartoon, very popular, shame it’s banned

This has been watched more than 10 million times.

This video is part 5 of the Adventures of Mark Twain Clay-motion movie. It’s based on Mark Twain‘s many books and novels; like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Mysterious Stranger, Eve’s Diary, and the Damned human Race.

This banned video here is based on the Mysterious Stranger novel. It shows how humans were created, and also gives us a glimpse of doom’s day destruction. The Mysterious Stranger is highly controversial because of its thoughts on religion, the role of God, and the creation of man.

I found the cartoon highly interesting, intelligent, and entertaining. The show is quite good and very thought provoking. You won’t regret watching it. Here are the links for the movie: