I have to admit I’m loving the weather these days. I was trying to go to chale every time the weather wasn’t dusty, so I’m been coming here quite a lot during weekdays. But even with that, I have to confess it’s been fun and lovely.

It turns out a lot of people do come on weekdays, especially college kids, so the sea isn’t actually quite empty or deserted. I’m loving it.

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Temperature in Jlai3a

I just got to Jlai3a, and this is the heat over here. The temperature is only 36 degrees. How cool is that!

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Amazing Offers on the New Regency Hotel

The new Regency Hotel has great summer offers on their rooms, they start from just kd45 a night. Check it out. The hotel has like 3 beaches and 5 pools, and is totally brand new.

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Beach Reading

It strikes me as odd that almost no one reads on the beach in Kuwait. In any other place, it’s a very respectable beach activity. An activity to be enjoyed, along with the occasional dip in the water.

As much as I try to reach while on the beach, it just doesn’t seem that I have anytime left for this entertaining and relaxing hobby, with all the swimming and socializing going on.

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My Beach Buddies

Speakers, camera, drinks, book, beach, beautiful sea… These are all necessities of a great day.

I woke this morning to the unmistakable humidity smell. That spells a great beach day for me. A quick breakfast at McDonald’s seaside confirmed the perfect water. This meant chale and beach time.

With all the dust we’ve been getting, it’s a wonder to have a good beach day; so might as well enjoy it to the max whenever we can.

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My Purchase from Hala Ramadan Expo

I just bought these beautiful ceramic plates, each comes with its own plastic cover. I got a set that comes in a carry bag, and another one that comes in a steel basket. I thought both would come in handy by the beach or a picnic in the garden.

I got it from Al-Markaz Al-Mubarak, tel # 2265-5577, 2264-0380.

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Have a Great Weekend Everyone

The weather is amazing, sunny but with a cool breeze. Have a great weekend evveryone, just don’t go out to sea today, it looks like it’s going to be wavy today.

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Going Fishing

I’m going to take advantage of today’s beautiful weather and venture out to sea for some good 7adag.

Don’t pay too much attention to my pic here, I usually catch much bigger fish. Hoevere, this small fish nagged the hell out of me when scuba diving a couple of years ago… She even latched on to me when I got back on the boat. So serves her right elsara7a (I threw her back at sea btw).

Anyways, have a great weekend. Thank god the weather is ok, we can finally start to enjoy our sea and beach. Make sure you have fun today.

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