Ridiculous OSN

Can you believe they’re still closed? I had gone to their Marina office, and that closed too, but I though I was there early at 9.30 and that they didn’t open till 10 mathalan.

Now I come all the way to Farwaniya, only to find out that they’re closed here too. And to add injury to insult, there are no office hours posted anywhere, not here and not in Marina.

If you’re wondering why I need themn well it’s because I just found out that they’ve been debiting my account for kd 28 a month, even though I haven’t had OSN for maybe two or more years now.

I guess I have to come back to them again, like ma3endi shegel thani!!

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Enough Ya NBK

NBK will own 5% of Gulf Bank. NBK already owns a huge chunk of Bobyan Bank. NBK also owns branches in Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and god knows where else.

We know NBK is the best in Kuwait, that’s a fact. But we also know that if it wasn’t for healthy competition from the other banks, NBK wouldn’t have been able to reach its top spot.

So enough ya NBK. Be and let others be.

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Contact Lens Home Delivery by Kaifan Optics

Kaifan Optics has a home delivery system for contact lens purchases of over kd 10. They also deliver all Johnson lenses, no minimum amount.

The phone number is 222 30 666. You can also check them online here.

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عاجبكم الوضع؟

Link.  Also check my previous related post, here.

Mabrook 6ai7at elbor9a مالت على الأسهم

قولولي…. هل هذا قبول؟ علموني شنهي أسعار النفط اليوم؟ ما شنها زايدة من ٧٠ دولار لين فوق ال ١٠٠  السنة هذي؟

فهموني شللي قاعد يصير بالبورصة؟  انا كمستثمر حاطة ثقتي بأسهم البنوك، مو شركات النخي و الحب…. شلون تفسرولي هالخساير الغير منطقية؟

How in the hell do my shares in NBK and KFH both drop by 60-160 fils in a month? Whilst at the same time watch Kuwait’s oil price has go up by more than 50%?

I don’t speculate. I don’t invest in non-operational companies. I don’t even look at non-viable sectors. I invest in solid, loaded with profits banks. Don’t tell me I didn’t do my homework. There is no reason for me losing hard earned money.

How do you explain these loses to me? I worked hard for my money to stand quite to see it evaporate like this.

This has been going on for a long time now, ever since August 2008. That is quite a long time for investors to stay quite. Enough is enough.

Ya 7ukooma, get your act together and do something. NOW!!

This is totally unacceptable!!!!

Kakao’s tempting 50% off offer

Kakao is having an amazing 3-day 50% off special offer on selected chocolates, until Jan 20. The flavors range from Gers Ogaili, New Turtle, Old Fashioned Brownies, Mixed Chocos, Oreo Ogaili, to my personal favorites Raspberry Cheesecake & Oreo Clusters. All of these are 50% off, until Friday Jan 20.

Kakao is by far my most favorite chocolate place in Kuwait. Their chocolates are tasty, fresh, unique, and super delicious. They’re the kind of chocolates you serve at home, in hospital, or send to the office for someone important.

I always take a few kilos with me for my Saudi & Bahraini friends, whenever I’m visiting them. All of my friends love the chocolates, and the cute packaging it’s served in. And they never believe me when I tell them Kakao is a pure KUwaiti local business, owned by young Kuwaitis. The chocolates aren’t cheap, but they are really delicious. Plus Kakao always comes up with new flavors to serve, so for me the price is well justified.

Gers Ogaili bag of 15 pieces is now KD2, down from KD4. Chocolate Mix of 2 pieces of 18 different kinds is now KD5, down from KD10.

250 grams Oreo Clusters is KD 2, down from KD4. And 8 pieces Old Fashioned Brownies are now just KD1.5, down from KD3.

Since I always have Kakao chocolates in the house, I thought of sharing with you pictures of what’s left of my last order of Oreo Clusters & Raspberry Cheesecake chocolates (bought just 10 days ago).

You can reach Kakao on Tel # 97162323. You can also find them on their Facebook page.

Take advantage of the amazing prices, and order some today and tomorrow.

Goldman Sachs valued Facebook at $50 Billion

I love talking about business, no doubt about that. But even I couldn’t believe the figures on this deal

  • Goldman Sachs just invested $500 million in Facebook ($450 from its own money, and $50 from a Russian investor).
  • At this investment price, Goldman valued Facebook at $50 billion.
  • Goldman did the same thing with Ford Motors back in the 50’s, and have benefited hugely from that deal.
  • Goldman invested $135 Million in Ralph Lauren, in a deal that valued RL at $480 Million back in ’93.
  • Ralph Lauren is now worth $8 Billion.

Wow, Facebook is worth $50 Billion? WoW!

KFH Q3 profits

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