Social Media Club Is Now in Kuwait

I just came from my first ever event with the Kuwaiti branch of the international “Social Media Club”. They were nice enough to invite us for breakfast.

I got to meet a lot of exciting people there; like TV presenter Hessa Al-Mulla, Social Media Queen Hind Al-Naheth, and VIVA’s Head of Communications Ms. Sara.

It’s nice to see people take social media professionally like this. I’ll have a more detailed post later on inshalla.

Good luck guys, wishing you all the best inshalla.

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Facebook is Losing Millions of Members Every Month

Facebook lost 6 million US members last month alone, while Canada lost 1.5 million members. UK, Russia, and Norway have all lost more than 100,000 members last month. I bet it has a lot to do with the new facial recognition privacy issues Facebook is facing right now. Check out these links (here and here) to see how controversial the facial recognition thing is. The EU has begun investigating it.

So go the reactions to a feature on Facebook that uses facial recognition technology to help users tag their photos. It has people so upset, in fact, that it’s just sparked a probe from European Union privacy regulators.

The uproar revolves around a feature that’s been around since December, so the technology itself isn’t particularly new. But regulators are only getting upset about it now after a Sophosreport pointed out that Facebook has recently turned the setting on by default, apparently continuing the social network’s habit of encroaching on user privacy without asking for permission.

Except this time, the complaints seem to be about issues that aren’t new — and humans are still very much involved in deciding who gets tagged.

In case you’re wondering if this feature is dangerous, Facebook has this to say when you try to disable the feature. Read it and see if you’re comfortable enough with it:

This feature uses a comparison of photos you’re tagged in to suggest that friends tag you in new photos.

You’re always in control of your tags on Facebook:

  • Only friends can tag you in photos
  • We’ll notify you when a friend has tagged you
  • You can remove a friend’s tag at any time
  • Tag suggestions are based only on photos you’ve allowed yourself to be tagged in

This video shows you how to disable it if you want to:

Facebook Friends Tattoo Was Fake

According to the Dutch paper Telegraaf, Rotterdam tattoo artist Dex Moelker fessed up to pulling off what amounts to an advertising stunt.

“It is a try out tattoo, a transfer, that washes off in a couple of days,” Moelker told the paper.

Turns out, the Facebook friends’ tattoo (shown here) was a compete fake. It was simply a publicity stunt for a company that makes Facebook profile pic gifts. Here’s the link.

Lady GaGa on Farmville

Gagaville is a new game, added to the famous Facebook game, Farmville. It’ll started on May 17th and will end on May 26th. Try it out while it’s still here.

My favorite part of the video stars at 1:35, that’s when it begins to get funny.

Buzfairy is Now on Facebook

I’m finally on Facebook, and boy did that take forever.

I’ve joined a few months back, about the same time I went on Twitter. But Facebook gave me problems right from the start, so I had put it on the back burner for a while.

I’m happy to say that everything is now A-OK now. So come join me by clicking here, can’t wait to see you there.

Good reason to delete Facebook


Goldman Sachs valued Facebook at $50 Billion

I love talking about business, no doubt about that. But even I couldn’t believe the figures on this deal

  • Goldman Sachs just invested $500 million in Facebook ($450 from its own money, and $50 from a Russian investor).
  • At this investment price, Goldman valued Facebook at $50 billion.
  • Goldman did the same thing with Ford Motors back in the 50’s, and have benefited hugely from that deal.
  • Goldman invested $135 Million in Ralph Lauren, in a deal that valued RL at $480 Million back in ’93.
  • Ralph Lauren is now worth $8 Billion.

Wow, Facebook is worth $50 Billion? WoW!

Realistic Facebook relationship statuses

Lol at the no GF\BF since birth, mesakeen, lol.