I want to go to 3omra

I would love to go to 3omra, like a 2 day short trip. I was checking out the hotels over there, and it appears that 3 new hotels have opened up in the huge Abraj Al-Bait complex (that also houses the world’s largest clock). The hotels are Raffles, the Fairmont, and the Movenpick.

So dear readers, does any of you have any information about these new hotels? I usually stay in Intercontinental Dar Al-Tawhid, which is literally inside the Haram. I love how I leave the lobby and immediately enter Al-Haram gate.

So about the new hotels, are they that close to Al-Haram too? What about walking distance from the lobby to the gates of Al-Haram?

I really need your help with this 🙂


The Love Hotel

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I don’t really know where this love hotel is exactly, but it’s somewhere in the US in Taiwan. (thx S.)

You can check out more lovelier pics here.

Chinese build a 15 story hotel in just 6 days!!

Watch the chinese build an entirely new 15 story hotel in just 6 days. That’s quite amazing!

Great Weekend offers from Wataniya Airways

Business Class tickets.
Includes 2 nights stay in Middle East and 3 nights stay in Europe.
Includes hotels taxes and service charges.
Excludes airlines tax and airport charges.

Paris Hilton runs away from the Paparazzi

Paris Hilton is running away from the paparazzi, in the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood.

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If you’re interested in going to Haj this year

…دار التوحيد و طيارة خاصة على عيني و راسي…. أموت و أشوف شلون بيوفرون الخصوصية التامة في المناسك، مع الثلاث مليون حاج أو أكثر

!!تكفون فهّموني

Where I’m staying in Bora Bora

The St. Regis in Bora Bora is where I’m staying if I ever go to Bora Bora. The place looks absolutely amazing, the water is heaven, and the combination of mountain\beach is going to be fun.

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Gold ATM Machine

Check out this new ATM machine, it dispenses gold rather than cash. It’s located in Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.