Yummy Yummy

I can never resist a Johnny Rockets Apple Pie Ala Mode, especially in these hot months.

For me, it has got to be one of the best apple pies in Kuwait. I don’t think I’m tasted one this good here.

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When is ShakeShack Opening?

I heard ShakeShack is opening up anyday now. Anyone knows when exactly? I want to plan it into my weekend.

Update: ShakeShack is now open in Avenues, phase one.

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PinkBerry Now Open in Jabriya


Pinkberry, Pizza Express, and Starbucks are all open now in Jabriya Plaza.

They’re located on the same street as Fuds, in the same block as the EarlyBird and Low Fat. If you’re coming from the 4th Ring Road, then take the first right just before the Gulf Bank branch. You’ll find the newly opened cafes on the left corner.

No No No Ya KDD مستانسين بعمركم يعني؟

I saw this first on iLsul6ana, and it made me feel very sad to see such beautiful  childhood icons be destroyed like this. KDD shouldn’t have done this. OUr memories are all built around these ice creams with the cute Kuwaiti names.

KDD Strawberry cheesecake ice cream

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I wrote a while back about KDD introducing a new ice cream flavor called Strawberry Cheesecake. I didn’t get to try it then because I was on a diet back, and I decided the ice cream could wait a bit to get tasted.

I am so glad I waited. I had a small teaspoon taste of the new flavor this morning, and I was so shocked that it tasted horrible. The flavor was so bad, I don’t know how a huge Co. like KDD could’ve approved it.

  • The cheesecake pieces are crispy and dry, like bad crunchy biscuit.
  • The strawberry is actually strawberry sauce, that tastes both bitter and disgusting.
  • The only good thing I can say about this new flavor, is that the ice cream it self tastes somewhat ok, so you don’t have to throw up after you get taste shock.

In summary, do not buy this ice cream. It’s bad, like really really really amazingly unbelievably bad.

Now also keep in mind  that I’m sick with the flu, and I’ve been sick for more than 10 days now. So maybe my taste buds aren’t working normally? Because of this, I would suggest that you buy a tiny small container of the ice cream, and taste it out for yourself.

Some of my positive KDD experiences can be found here and here.

Enjoy tasty Frozen Yogurt at IKEA

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  • IKEA now sells frozen yogurt, with or without fruit\candy toppings.
  • It’s plain vanilla frozen yogurt, with a choice of toppings that range from fresh fruit to chocolate and fruit loops.
  • The price is amazing at just 500 fils for plain frozen yogurt, and 750 fils for frozen yogurt with 4 toppings.
  • Any extra topping over the 4 cost just 100 fils each.
  • IKEA’s frozen yogurt is located beside their exit cafe.
  • It has it’s own stand, meaning you won’t get stuck with people buying other stuff like the popcorn or shawarma.

I went there with a friend today (right after I finished my first gym workout in months!!), and we both had the frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries and banana, and chocolate crunch.

The yogurt is tasty and light. It’s not very sweet as some of the other places, and it kinda does taste like yummy delicious yogurt. I liked it a lot, and would definitely go back for some more. Plus, the price is so attractive, it won’t burn a hole in my pocket like the other FroYo places.

Great step IKEA, that’s why you’re one of my most favorite shopping places in Kuwait. You can check some  of my older IKEA posts here, here, here and here.

Free ice cream with Pink Monday’s at Baskin Robins

Wear or take anything pink with you to Baskin Robins’, and get a free scope with your ice cream!

Too bad I’m on diet!!

The perfect Dessert

Chilis, has some of the most amazing desserts. This paradise pie is caramel and nuts heaven, and their molten chocolate cake is to die for.

Btw, Chilis’ Kuwaiti branch, the one by Kuwait Towers, is the biggest Chilis restaurant in the world.

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