Cordoba, Andalusia… Love Land of Wallada & Ibn Zaydoun

Walladah Bint Al-Mostakfi was one of the most talented Andalusian and Arab women poets. She was a princess of Banu Ommaya whom reigned over the Islamic Empire, including Andalusia, in the middle ages.

She is most famously known for the love poems she and her lover, Ibn Zaydoun, wrote to each other. One of her most famous poems to him starts with:

أغار عليك من نظري ومني …………. ومنك ومن ومكانك والزمان
ولو وضعتك في عيوني …………….. دواماً ماسئمت من التداني
ولو واصلتني في كل يوم …………… إلى يوم القيامة ماكفاني

To which Ibn Zaydoun responded with this:

أضحى التنائي بديلاً من تدانينا وناب عن طيب لقيانا تجافينا

بنتم وبنا فما ابتلت جوانحنا شوقا إليكم ولا جفت مآقينا

يكاد حين تناجيكم ضمائرنا يقضي علينا الأسى لولا تأسينا

حالت لبعدكم أيامنا فغدت سودا وكانت بكم بيضا ليالينا

Walladah lived in Cordoba (Andalusia, Spain) from 994 to 1091. She & Ibn Zaydoun were so important in Andalusian culture, that Spain made statue of her and Ibn Zaydoun holding hands, with quotes of Walladah & Ibn Zaydoun’s more famous verses.

I’m not much of a poetry reader. And I can honestly say that in most cases, I have no clue what they’re talking about. But going through Spain, especially the Andalusian areas of Cordoba, Syville, and Granada with this kind of heritage and history would be amazing to do.

That’s why Spain is my next trip destination. Just wish me luck in finding this beautiful statue of theses two great poets.

The pictures are taken from: Syrian Diplomat to America blog, post idea was inspired by New Vision’s post about Walladah.


Google Doodle celebrates Gibran Khalil Gibran

Google Doodle celebrates the birth of Gibran Khlail Gibran.

His memorial in Washington DC.

His memorial in Boston.

His museum in Lebanon

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Why I love Mohammad Al-Saqer ليش احب محمد الصقر

It shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone who reads my blog that I am a hard-core liberal and a fan of old school Kuwaiti patriotism. But it still has to be said, as a voter in the 2nd district, I have felt a loss after Mohammad Al-Saqer declined to run for parliament again. We have tried, unsuccessfully, to find suitable replacements.

I grew up in an era when Mohammad Al-Saqer ran Al-Qabas. And as much as I love Waleed Al-Nesef’s Qabas, it just isn’t the same since Al-Saqer left. Saying this, I have to admit that I was, honorably, one of the first followers of Mohammad Al-Saqer’s new newspaper, Al-Jareeda.

But what I love most about him are his political views that never change with the tides,AND his human nature. I still remember him crying on live TV when one of my uncles, who happened to be one of his best friends, died and he had a set interview that same night on TV. Now reading his eulogy of his brother, I am confident in this humane nature. You have got to love a guy who stands by his beliefs, and still is man enough to be emotionally open.

Here is to having more Mohammad Al-Saqers in our lives.

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John Lennon, Imagine, and Strawberry Fields

It’s the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s murder, so I though of posting a favorite song of his. Imagine is by far my most favorite, but I also like Strawberry Fields Forever. Strawberry Fields is also the name of the Central Park’s John Lennon memorial, pictured above.

Amazing pic of Cher & her mom

Cher was born in 1946, so she’s 64 years old. Her mom was born in 1927, so she’s 83 years old.

I have to say this, they both look just amazing for their age. Both of them. I mean look at Cher, then look at her mom (Georgia Holt). They look nothing like their real age. This picture was taken in Hollywood just 3 days ago, mashalla mashalla mashalla.

Michael Jackson’s Breaking News – Full song

I posted before about a new single for Michael Jackson called Breaking News, that’s coming out on his new album next month. What I posted was a short teaser, this is the song’s full version. Enjoy!

Michael Jackson’s newest single, Breaking News

This is a short snippet of Michael Jackson’s latest single, called Breaking News, from his upcoming Michael album due next month!

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Always on my mind, a great song by Elvis Presley

This is such an old sad song by the King, Elvis Presley