I Gota Say Bieber is Cute



Google Doodle A\Haleem Hafeth غوغل تحتفل بعبدالحليم حافظ


My Favorite Version of Gaga’s “Born This Way” فيديو مخصوص لعشاق ليدي غاغا


آآآآآّ يا قلبي، مع اني أعترف إنه ليدي غاغا شوي صعب الواحد يبلعها، أظل أموت عليها…. و هاذي المسخرة الجديدة على أغنيتها المشهورة “بورن ذز واي” أكثر من عجيبة، يبيلكم تسمعونها، ماراح اتحسفون

I have got to say this; as much as I love Lady GaGa, this new “Born This Way” parady is more than hilarious… Don’t miss it, listen till the end….. You have got to love the part where they go: “Coz Everyday is Halloween…… For Me“, EPIC!

This is the original Version هذي الأغنية الأصلية

Amy Winehouse: Drunk or High? آيمي واينهاوس مشعللة؟

أمبيه، تكسر الخاطر…. مشكلتها مع المخدرات عويصة، و ما أتوقع بتطلع منها بسهولة. صارلها فوق السنتين تتعالج، بدون فايدة… حسافة عليها، كانت من المواهب الرهيبة الصاعدة

This was Amy House’s first concert in ages, it happened in Belgrade, and this is what  watcher had to say:

The beginning of an incredibly strange set Amy Winehouse did at the start of her European tour in Belgrade’s Kalemegdan Park. As you can see, she immediately hugs the guitarist, appears a bit dizzy, takes ages to take off her shoes for no apparent reasons, tosses a shoe on one of the backing vocalists and delivers a half-spoken version of Just Friends.

I sure as heck hope she’s OK. This was heartbreaking. :/

Tomorrow is Hoppin’ John’s String Band’s Last Performance in Kuwait

Don’t miss the last performance of “Hoppin’ John’s” string band. They’re going to perform at Al-Babtain Poetry building in Sharq, at 7.15 p.m. I personally will do my best to attend.

The above video is the types of music the “Hoppin’ John” plays, but obviously the above song belongs to a totally different band. For more details about the band, check Mark’s original post.

Official Chris Brown\Justin Bieber “Next To You” Single

I had posted before the incomplete video of “Next To You” by Chris Brown & Justin Bieber. Now this is the song’s official music vid.

Shania Twain Falls Down

Related: Lady GaGa falls down and some other very funny fall.

Wana Hear Justin Bieber & Chris Brown’s New Single?

It’s not the final version, and is obviously unfinished. But here it is, “Next to You” by Justin Bieber & Chris Brown. Try to listen to it before the video gets taken down off youtube.