Victoria Beckham Gives Birth to a New Baby Girl

I had just posted a picture, a few hours ago, of a very pregnant Victoria Beckham who was well into her 9 long pregnancy months, wearing a pair of very high heels. I guess I was lucky I posted that at the time I did, because now we get the news that Vic\Posh has already delivered a beautiful baby girl.

Victoria & David Beckham already have three previous sons, since they got married in 1999. No name has been chosen yet for the new baby girl.

As a side note, it turns out that Victoria Beckham & Kate Hudson delivered their babies in the same hospital. I wonder if they babies will grow up to be play mates. IMO, I think they totally would.


Justin Bieber Trains with Barcelona FC

Justin Bieber tried kicking a few balls with Barcelona FC Football Academy a few days ago. And he’s not half bad to tell you the truth, he sure got some strong kicks in.

Guran Left Standing in Kuwait Football League Finale

Guran is the coach of Kuwait National football team.  الخبر مأخوذ من القبس

Riots between Zamalek & Tunisian African in Football Match الزمالك و الافريقي التونسي

This is a clear video of the match’s last minutes. Start watching from min 2:30 & 4:30

This is a shorter video but it focuses on the riots that took place in the football field.

Al-Jareeda has a nice summary of the match’s events.

Soccer Scene has an online store

I think it’s cool that Soccer Scene, in phase 2 of the avenues, has an online store. Soccer Scene is one of the best stores in Kuwaiti for football fans. And now fans can buy whatever they want online, without having to visit the store.

You can buy a lot of different goods online; like shirts, shorts, bags and more. I couldn’t figure out what the shipping costs are, but I’m assuming it’s free for local deliveries.

David Beckham wins lifetime achievement award

Kuwait vs. Saudi Arabia in Gulf Cup الكويت ضد السعودية خليجي ٢٠١٠

Update: Kuwait won the Gulf Cup, click here.

المباراة بين منتخب الكويت و منتخب السعودية على نهائي كأس الخليج في خليجي ٢٠١٠ اليوم الساعة ٦ مساء بتوقيت الكويت

Kuwait national football team plays against Saudi Arabia for the Cup in the final game of the Gulf Cup 2010 in Yemen. The game is on at 6 pm, and you can watch it on any 5aleeji Tv channel.

Good luck Kuwait, we’ll all cheering for you!!

This is why Qatar won

Qatar went to Zurich with all of it’s force. Their Emir, his wife, the Foreign secretary, and a whole bunch of other people.

No other head of state was there. And that is why Qatar won.

And they sure deserved it. It made me happy looking at the Emir and Sh Mouza’s faces, being excited and spontaneous . That is natural happiness and pride.

Allah eywafig Qatar inshalla.