Have Fun Watching This America Got Talent Audition

Her laugh is so….Madri, funny? cute? silly?…. It doesn’t really matter. Just listen to that whole thing. It’s amazing.


Artist of the Year? Best Dance Playlist Ever!

Pitbull seems to be the Sugar & Spice needed to transform up any bland song around these days.

Wow. Like super Double Wow. There isn’t a name in the music industry that hasn’t collaborated with Pitbull. From Usher to J.Lo to Enrique. Let me give you some huge examples. Pitbull is featured on some of the most amazing, popular, and successful songs of 2010/2011.

If you ever need to make a dance mix, all you have to do is put these following songs on your playlist; and you’ll have a great night of jamming. I guarantee you’ll sweat a bucket and have a ball, all at the same time.

Pitbull with Usher? “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”.

Pitbull with J.Lo? “On the Floor”.

Pitbull with Enrique? “I Like It”.

Pitbull with T-Pain? “Hey Baby”.

Pitbull in the Number One 2011 Hit, with Ne-Yo? “Give Me Everything, Tonight”.

Pitbull with BuNabeel & BuQutada? Akeed, bedoon kalam.

And of course the original, “Me No Speak No Americano (the Bon Bon)” song?

Please, just get all these songs onto one playlist, and jam till there’s no tomorrow. You have got to do it. I wish I had someone who would recommend playlists for me, bedoon ma3awwer rasi. So, yala go ahead and make a new upbeat\dance mix.

إغتيال الحريري و الشيخ جابر


من جريدة الوطن، عدد يوم الجمعة ١ يوليو

q8ping  الفيديو من  مدونة

It was just revealed that the criminals behind the assassination of the previous Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafeeq Al-Hareeri; are also the same criminals behind the failed assassination attempt of Sh. Jaber Al-Ahmad, Emir of Kuwait.

أترك التعليق لكم

Social Media Club Is Now in Kuwait

I just came from my first ever event with the Kuwaiti branch of the international “Social Media Club”. They were nice enough to invite us for breakfast.

I got to meet a lot of exciting people there; like TV presenter Hessa Al-Mulla, Social Media Queen Hind Al-Naheth, and VIVA’s Head of Communications Ms. Sara.

It’s nice to see people take social media professionally like this. I’ll have a more detailed post later on inshalla.

Good luck guys, wishing you all the best inshalla.

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Drunk Teen Falls Off an Escalator & Survives

I See This as a Typical Kuwaiti حده كويتي من قلب

Nothing unusual here, Kuwaiti guys go for looks far more than compatibility.

Mission Impossible 4 Movie Trailer

Ok, as you probably know, this MI movie is set in Dubai, with Tom Cruise climbing Burj Khalifa. You have got to check out the Burj Khalifa part, and make sure to set youtube to HD. Also check out the very familiar sandstorm, it’s just like the one we had back in March.

Saturday’s Mood مزاج السبت