Turks trying to steal 3eed sheep أتراك يبوقون خرفان العيد


Happy 3eed عيدكم مبارك

ما هو عيد بدون هالأغنية، أخليكم مع رائعة محمود الكويتي

See Zaid, I got it right this time 🙂

3eed jokes نكت العيد

Bu Qutada & Bu Nabeel movie coming this 3eed فيلم بوقتادة و بو نبيل قادم هذا العيد على تلفزيون الوطن

فيلم بوقتادة و بونبيل (مدته ٧٤ دقيقة) بينعرض على شاشة تلفزيون الوطن هذا العيد انشاءالله… كان المفروض ينعرض بالسينما، بس الرقابة كالعادة منعته

Bu Qutada & Bu Nabeel movie (74 minutes) will be shown on Watan TV this 3eed

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9 day 3eed holiday

باركو يا حباب لعوض الدوخي

This is 3awath Al-Do5ee’s Bariokoo ya 7bab… I had mistakengly thought el3eed hal ehlalah was his song, but thx to Zaid from Kaifan5, I know know it’s for Ma7moud Al-Kuwaiti. Thank you Zaid, that was embarrassing to tell you the truth.

I love both songs, and I do hope you enjoy both of them for 3eed.

Off to Bahrain

I was bored yesterday morning and started browsing airlines, punching in random close by cities. When I got to Jazeera Airways and Bahrain, I found the fare to be a damn bargain. At KD 38, how I can pass it? I am in love with Bahrain, so I can’t say no to such a steal deal!

So I booked it, booked a hotel, and will go there for 3eed. Only down side is I didn’t want to get there while I’m fasting, so I took the 7 p.m. flight. That’s how I ended up having by fast-break at kuwait Airport. And I have got to say their 3adas soup is really good.

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I love Gulf Bank

I love the advertising campaigns of Gulf Bank. They just scream old Kuwait.

I love how they use old lights (zhaiwi), young girls of the past (m3 dararee3hum w 3achayfhum), and the magnificant boom-like buildings of their branches.

Here is a 3eed greeting from Gulf Bank.

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