Pizza Hut’s Pizza\Pasta sensational offer

I’ve been reading about Pizza Hut’s latest Pizza\Paste and appetizer combo, specifically over at Bananaq8 and Frankom.

The above offer was more than tempting. So on Friday when I was getting ready for Chale with my friends, I ordered this KD 4.5 offer, and then added a coleslaw salad for just 1 KD.

I knew that none of my friends (if we’re in chale just for the night) were going to bother stocking up the kitchen with snack food, late night munching and the like. And I also knew this offer offered something for every taste. So I ordered up the box, and took it with me.

We have a small toaster oven, which reheated our Garlic Bread and Pizza to perfection. The pasta was heated up, but in the microwave, then sprinkled with frozen shredded mozzarella in the same said toaster oven.

All our food tasted fresh and amazing. I sure am glad I ordered it, it was a good offer for an even better price.

Anyways, you can check out Pizza hut’s Facebook page to get details on all their latest promotions, just remember to “Like” the page to make sure you stay updated.


Big draw for Zain’s Ferrari is tonight at 7 in 360 mall

Since we lost the Gulf bank draw a couple of nights ago, my only hope now lies with Zain’s Ferrari draw. Besmellah w inshalla a77ad mennah eyfooz.

Picture taken from Bananaq8’s blog.

Barca beat Real Madrid 5-0!! Watch the goals in video

Look at the frustration and shock on Real Madrid players’ faces

You can watch all of the goals over at bananaq8’s blog.