My Late Midsummer Night Snack



Thinking of summer snacks, there’s nothing tastier than a bowl of berries topped with creamy frozen chocolate mousse.

I went to the Jam3iya wanting to buy frozen English berries (in terms of taste, they’re the best) and some ready made chocolate mousse. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find what I wanted. So I settled for this bag of Raspberries and some chocolate pudding instead.

They still tasted good, especially after I threw the pudding in the freezer for an hour, but the snack would’ve been a lot better with great berries and strong thick chocolate mousse.

Just remember to dip your frozen berries in water, then strain them into your bowl .Otherwise, they will look ugly, and the icicles will melt to water and mix with your mousse.



Choco Du Choco

Choco Du Choco is a home based business, specializing in melted chocolate treats:

“This is a local business based in Kuwait. we provide amazingly Delicious variety of chocolate melted in a way that makes you want more every time you taste our indulge yourself and try our choco du choco;) “

They take orders from 3 hours to a day before, on Tel # 55080910, visit their Facebook page for more details.

Nice gift idea from November Boutique

A friend of mine told me today about November boutique‘s cake, flowers, truffle combination gift. You get a small sized cake of your choice, a bouquet, and a box of truffles; for like kd 30-35.

My friend also told me that November boutique took over Jane Packer Flower shop in Kuwait, so you’ll know that the arrangement will be top notch. And if you know NB, then you’ll also know the fabulous work they do in their bakery. This gift set is a win-win and a no brainer. If you ever want to send someone a small birthday\celebration gift to the office\office, or just cheer them up; then this set is for you.

N.B.: all pictures are taken from NB’s site.

Where to feed your friends when they Visit Kuwait

We all have GCC and Arab friends that come visit us for a few days. We try to make them come during the wonderful months between November and March, in an attempt to deceive them about our devilishly hot weather.

If you’re like me, I don’t mind having them come visit during the summer months. I like the sea, enjoy the beach, and love water activities. Therefore, it goes without saying that if anyone visits me in the summer; be sure we’ll be spending most of out time in chale. Only problem is the unpredictable dusty weather. That would be the only thing stopping us from having a good beach\sea time. (Insert an sincere apology for my Saudi friends whom witnessed 3 full days AND nights of dust last week,, sorry girls, so so sorry).

Anyways. There are a few places, i.e. food stuffing places, that every visitor asks to go to:

  • We have to start the day with Breakfast at the Early Bird Cafe (have no clue why, even though I’m gonna head there after this post to have breakfast and Coffee).
  • Go for dinner at the ever so trendy Slider Station or the recently opened Open Flame Kitchen.
  • Enjoy the view at Marina Crescent and Marina Waves.
  • Have a late Lebanese lunch, after swimming, at Al-Mijana in Al-Koot Mall.
  • Have a very late night Milk shake and apple pie ala mode in Johnny RocketsManshar Mall.
  • Enjoy an early evening snack and dessert at Chocolate Macaroon in Jlai3a.
  • Now if your friends are shway classy or pertinacious, then you obviously have to take them for breakfast at Dean And Deloca in Avenues.
  • Enjoy a cup-a-joe at Starbucks Free Trade Zone, and just watch all the cool bikers with their cool bikes. What a sight.

Bon appetit, mes amis…

A post about what to do in Kuwait is on the way…

Morning Cup-a-Joe

My friend sent me some really fancy milk chocolate buttons from Maya Cafe-Bahrain, and I couldn’t resist them any longer. I just felt like i had to have them right then and there… Which calls for that perfect espresso to go with that damn sinful choco buttons.