Columbo is Dead, One of My Childhood Heros

I would bet anything that all of your dads are going to feel very sorry and sad to know that Peter Falk, better known as TV’s detective Columbo, has died.

He was one of my childhood heroes, along with Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing of Dallas). Me and my dad used to watch these shows together all the time when I was growing up, except on Dallas Mondays’ when he and my mom would go out with their friends and leave me and my bro alone at home, to fight over what Tv show to watch before they get back home.

Anyways, what I love the most about these two characters is that I think they both taught me that you don’t have to be a complete show-off to prove that you’re the best, or that you’re really important. They taught me that it’s always better to lie in the back-and-dark; and have people figure that you’re important on their own. That’s the best way of all to really show-off.

Columbus’ best appreciated personal trait is his absentmindedness, and it has always personally satisfied me to view this particular trait as a personal plus point. I’ve never been bright, good in school, or even hardworking at anything. Yet, I was always happy to hear people tell me that I would be great at “whatever” I decided to do.

So there’s nothing is more rewarding than to know that you don’t have to be “all” there, to make your self useful and important. I just wish more of our politicians would adopt this “siyasa 3amaliya”, and not pick on every nitty gritty thing out there these days.