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And as you can see, I still don’t have any contacts. I tried searching the names of the bloggers I know, but couldn’t find any. Add me if you’re on google+…. Mine is called “BuzFairy Blog”.


Wael Ghoneim breaks down on TV وائل غنيم يبكي على التلفزيون

His tears moved egyptians once more in Maydan ElTa7reer protests, read about it here.

Wael is Google’s ME Marketing amanger, who was arrested on Jan 27, shortly after Egypt’s rise. He was detained against his will and blindfolded, without informing his family or friends.

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Best Egyptian picture ever أحلى صورة لأحداث مصر

Picture taken from Kiafan 5.

How to tweet in Egypt with no internet by using land phones

Google scientists worked all weekend to find a way for the people of Egypt to tweet in Twitter without using the internet. They came up with a way that only requires land phones:

  • People in Egypt can call any of these three phone numbers: +16504194196 or +390662207294 or +97316199855.
  • They record  a voice message that will get automatically converted into a tweet that starts with #Egypt.

Google Doodles the Flintstones

Google is celebrating the Flintstones 50th anniversary. This is great. The Flintstones is one of my, and many’s, favorite childhood cartoons. I hate how these days cartoons are so bad and rude, and would love to see the old cartoons on reruns on TV.

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Very hilarious Google translator

I tried Google’s translation service over a post of mine. This is what I got. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing:

Here is my original post:

Vanity Fair’s most influential 100 people

Vanity Fair just published its list of the 100 most influential people in the information age. And you will not believe who is # 1. Let me give you a hint, it’s not Bill Gates, it’s not Steve Jobs… It’s actually the founder of Facebook!!

Here are the top 10, you can read all the rest over at Vanity Fair:

  1. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. With 500 million members, it’s not difficult to see why Mark Z is #1.
  2. Steve Jobs of Apple. His huge influence and impact on both the music and smart phone businesses put him at #2.
  3. Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt of Google. These 3 guys own the most popular site on the net, and their Android system phones are expected to surpass iPhone by 2012.
  4. Rupert Murdoch of News Corporation. Ownerships include print media, as well as Fox TV & film.
  5. Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Need we say more on why he’s on the list? He single handedly revolutionized online shopping, wether books, ebooks, or Kindle e-reader.
  6. Bernard Arnault of LVMH. He’s the richest man in Europe, and was able to steer the luxury empire in the roughest financial crises in decades.
  7. Michael Bloomberg the Mayor of New York. In addition to his vast fortune, he was able to achieve tremendous success as mayor, with reduced crime and improved education.
  8. Larry Ellison of Oracle. His software practically dominates the world, plus he and 37 other billionairs have promised to donate half their fortunes to charity. Well Done Larry, along with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.
  9. Evan Williams and Biz Stone of Twitter. With 124 million users and a billion tweets a month, they sure deserve to be on the top 10 list.
  10. John Malone. His media empire includes Expedia and Sirius internet radio among other things.

I know some of my friends will be over the moon with this list. One person in particular is so in love with LV, Expedia, Apple, and Facebook all at once. Knock yourself out with the list R.