Pic of Alaa’a Mubarak in Jail صورة علاء مبارك في سجن طرة




Watch Hussni Mubarak’s speech Here

Taken from Kaifan5.

Watch Qaddafi Shout Really Loud فيديو صراخ القذافي

I just want to know one thing, why is he shouting? زين مايتله سكتة على هالعصبية

I also want to add to everyone who fought with me when I said that Hussni Mubarak was never a dictator, only a corrupt president. I urge you to watch this short video, and Qaddafi’s entire speech, to see a real tyrant in action. Mubarak was never a Qaddafi. He was never a tyrant.

One final word to Mubarak

‎​​‎​عندما خرج الشعب المصري بمظاهرات مناهضه لصدام حسين (بطل العروبه) ضد الكويت وشعبها في فتره الغزو … ورفع شعارات تسب الكويت حكومه وشعبا … وقف الرئيس حسني مبارك ضد شعبه ووقف مع الحق وساند الكويت معنويا وعسكريا … بغض النظر عن سبب مساندته لنا … الا انه كان خيرا من غيره من الحكام الناكرين للمعروف امثال الملك حسين وياسر عرفات والقذافي … نداء الى كل كويتي وايد فرحان على اللي صار بمصر

I got his via BB, but I felt it was so right today, and conveys my personal opinion over today’s events.

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Funny: Hussni Mubarak is all for Coors canned beer

Some light humor to brighten our miserable day.

Urgent News: President Hussni Mubarak on TV now

Switch to Arabiya, Jazeera or any other Arabic news channel now!

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Egyptian President will give a speech shortly

The important news the Egyptian head of parliament was talking about is going to be a speech from President Mubarak.

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Egyptian propaganda in action

Al-Ahram newspaper photoshopped a picture of President Hussni Mubarak with the leaders of the USA, Israel, Jordan, and Palestine; where he is leading them.

This is the real picture, it clearly shows President Mubarak trailing the other leaders.