My Favorite Version of Gaga’s “Born This Way” فيديو مخصوص لعشاق ليدي غاغا


آآآآآّ يا قلبي، مع اني أعترف إنه ليدي غاغا شوي صعب الواحد يبلعها، أظل أموت عليها…. و هاذي المسخرة الجديدة على أغنيتها المشهورة “بورن ذز واي” أكثر من عجيبة، يبيلكم تسمعونها، ماراح اتحسفون

I have got to say this; as much as I love Lady GaGa, this new “Born This Way” parady is more than hilarious… Don’t miss it, listen till the end….. You have got to love the part where they go: “Coz Everyday is Halloween…… For Me“, EPIC!

This is the original Version هذي الأغنية الأصلية


Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Celebrities

Ok, the number one spot was a surprise.

Who ever thought Oprah won’t top this list? Well she didn’t this year, Lady GaGa did. Oprah was the list’s #2.

Lady GaGa sure deserves to be on top. She’s got like 30 million Facebook fans, 10 million Twitter followers, and has topped the charts with almost every single she’s ever made; not to mention her own GaGaville\Farmville game. That’s true power.

You can view Forbes’ complete list here.

Lady GaGa on Farmville

Gagaville is a new game, added to the famous Facebook game, Farmville. It’ll started on May 17th and will end on May 26th. Try it out while it’s still here.

My favorite part of the video stars at 1:35, that’s when it begins to get funny.

Lady Gaga’s Latest Single: Hair

I like Lady Gaga’s latest single, Hair, more than I liked her other new single, Judas.

Lady Gaga’s Amazing Medley at BBC’s Radio 1 Big Weekend

Ok, the medley could’ve been better. But Lady GaGa looks amazing live.

Lady GaGa Falls Down


Lady Gaga’s new single comes out next month

Lady Gaga just announced that her new album is coming out in May, and that her new single is coming next month. The album will be released on May 23d, while the single will be released much earlier on Feb 13th.

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8 Lady Gaga wax figures at Madame Tussands

Madame Tussands has unveiled 8 different wax statues of Lady Gaga, to be displayed at Madame Tussands’ museums all around the world. The pictures above are of Lady Gaga’s statue in London.

Other cities include Berlin, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.