Sheikh Naser Al-Mohammad’s interview on Kuwait TV

Our Prime Minister, Sh. Nasser, went on Kuwait TV and made his first ever public interview.

  • This interview is very important; because it’s one of the few times that a PM does a public interview in Kuwait, and because it gives Sh. Nasser a clear chance to explain his point of view directly to Kuwaitis.
  • The public opinion of Sh. Nasser is that he’s weak and is easily steered and guided away, that he tends to revert to courts to deal with his opposers rather than face their accusations, and that he doesn’t have the capabilities to run the government. All of these have all added to Kuwaitis’ frustration with Sh. Nasser, and to doubt his ability to run the government in these sensitive times.
  • In his interview, he managed to erase a lot of these negative opinions of him.
  • Whether you agree or not with Sh. Nasser; you can’t neglect the confidence he showed, the respectful and strong opinions he had about the constitution and democracy, or his clear intelligence.
  • Have a look at a few articles and editorials I picked up from the local papers this morning to get a feeling of how strong the political arena is reacting to Sh. Nasser’s interview.

Good luck Sh. Nasser, and  thank you for your interview. You have once again proved that Kuwait is truly ahead of others in our region. We can all be proud that we still have an open, free, and safe country; in which can question anyone without fear.

You can watch part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 of his interview.

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Duaa 3eed exhibition

  • Duaa designs is having a one day special exhibition for 3eed clothes.
  • It’s going to be held this Tuesday ,Sept. 7, at the Exchibition on the Seef Strip beside Slider Station from 11 am till midnight.

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Today is 1st day of school

Summer is over, and it’s officially September already. That means it’s back to school time for some of the kids today. Let me just give them a supportive advice:

“Hope you enjoyed your summer, good luck today, and y36eekum el3afia for going to school before everyone else and for fasting in this heat”.

OMG, no way, OMG OMG, I’m so happy :)))

Like I do almost everyday, I was reading his&hers blog. They were posting a list of the top 10 blogs on bootamba, the Kuwaiti blog aggregator site. I went through the list quickly, ironically noticing that the #1 blog is not Kuwaiti. I also noticed another non-Kuwaiti blog on the top 10 list, read about a few names I hadn’t known about before. The list was interesting and it’s nice to know who is popular.

Now, me being a new blogger, wouldn’t even think of having my name on a list like this. So I was totally relaxed and at ease reading the names. No pressure what so ever on my part.

Then I read his&hers other list, of the top bloggers of the day. And again, I went through the list. Seeing the names, remembering their sites, and so forth. Then I doubled back. Is that me on the list? Isn’t that my blog’s icon? That blue beach pic?

And since I’m fasting , which basically means half my brain is shut down; it took me more than a few seconds to double check. And what do you know, I was there on the list. That was a surprise for me. A very lovely precious surprise. It put the biggest smile on my face.

Thank you his&hers for making my day great.

Allah yr7am Nejoud Boodai

Yesterday, Nejoud Boodai, one my friends from since we were teenagers, passed away. Allah yr7am Nejoud w eygamid roo7ha elyana inshalla.

We first met in high school, then we continued to London; where she studied fashion and I studied business at the same college.

She has always been sweet, friendly, soft, and caring. I’m sure a lot of people are very sad for losing her, but at least we are comforted in knowing she is not suffering from her terminal illness anymore.

Nejoud was a successful business woman. She opened up her first fashion shop right after college in the fashionable Beauchamp Place in London. And as a pioneering Kuwaiti fashion designer, way before it became a habba in kuwait, she successfully started designing uniforms for Kuwait Airways and the Kuwaiti Army. She also has a very trendy shop in Salhiya Complex, called N.B. Boutique. You can read more about N.B. Boutique at confashions here, here, and here.

And again, way ahead of other in kuwait, she started JuJu’s cupcake bakery in Fanar Complex. She also has a very stylish flower shop called Flower Story in 360° Mall.

Nejoud was as active as she was sweet. And there is a huge truth about the old saying “Mayroo7 elah elzain”. Allah yr7umich ya Nejoud. You will always be in our prayers.

Invitation to a charity event at 360 for Bayt Abdulla

There will be a 4-day charity event to benefit Bayt Abdullah sick childrens charity. It starts this Wednesday at 8 p.m., will be held at the 360 mall, and will have a variety of events (taken form Bayt Abdullah’s Facebook invitation):

  • Buying stickers and placing them on the large playground canvas hung on the wall. (thank you Alam Altasameem).
  • Entertainment for your children at the playground, gym, trampoline, and more. (thank you Toys R Us).
  • Face painting, games, and more for your children who will be guided through the event by volunteers. (thanks to sweet volunteers and LOYAC team).
  • A cupcake decoration festival for you and your child, where you get to decorate your own cupcakes. (thank you JoJo and thank you November).
  • Enjoying the stunning lighting, interactive floor, and sound effects and music. (thank you Gemini events).

The 360 mall has donated the venue, supplies, and man power to build the playground for Bayt Abdullah charity event. JoJo cupcakes, November Boutique, Toys R Us Kuwait, and Loyac are among the volunteers and donators of the event.

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Does any of you know corn dogs Kuwait?

I’ve been craving corn dogs with BBQ sauce for days now. There is a small Kuwaiti local business that specializes in corn dogs, but I’ve lost their numbers. I’m craving it big time in Ramadan, it seems that my fasting is making things worse. Does any of you know how to get in touch with them? That would be beautiful.

Mabrook, Kuwait banks share prices rise by 3.5%

All Kuwaiti Banks share prices increased during yesterday’s trading, some to all time highs for the year. The banking sector rose by 3.5% as a whole. This is really a refreshing improvment over the ever collapsing Kuwaiti Stock market

The main drive behind the growth was the  government’s refusal to establish an independent financing fund, away from the Banking sector. This demonstrated the government’s faith and believe in the Kuwaiti banking industry, and in its ability to lead the forecasted domestic growth plan.

A lot of governmental authorities were against the establishing of this fund to begin with; including the Central Bank’s governor, the head of the Kuwaiti Investment Authority, and the finance minister him self. Their point was that the banking sector is mature, full of valuable experienced workers, highly organized and is more than able to lead the financing of the huge strategic projects that government is aiming for in the next 3-4 years.

Way to go ya government, and allah eywafigkum inshalla.