Happy 4th of July to All Our American Friends, From All Your Kuwaiti Friends

Happy 4th of July USA from Kuwait

Forgot to add: This goes out first to my dear dear friend snowinq8… Happy 4th of July darling xoxo


Cool Kuwaiti Flag Masquerade Masks

I found these beautiful Kuwaiti flag masquerade masks in the jam3iya for just Kd1.25, and they glitter too.

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No more foam on National Day celebrations

You can read about the foam ban over at Al-Qabas.

Happy National Day UAE عيد وطني سعيد للإمارات

Saudi national day

Shakilhum mestanseen… Makent adri they celebrate it there… Shaklah wanasa!

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Happy National day Saudi Arabia

Today is Saudi Arabia’s National Day.

Since I have a lot of Saudi friends and I had just come  back from their capital town a few days ago; I thought they deserved a celebratory post.

Celebrate it well my friends, it’s a weekend after all.