Father of Test Tube Babies wins the Nobel Prize

The inventor and creator of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), i.e. test tube babies, has won the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Dr. Robert G. Edwards was chosen because his treatment of infertile couples has led to a “Mile stone in the development of Modern Medicine”, and to the birth of more than 4 million babies (in plain english).

I think the prize is very well deserved. Dr. Edwards has won this Nobel prize for something we all understand. All of us know many babies who came into this world through IVF, something that would have never been possible without Dr. Edwards achievements.

I bet all parents of IVF kids are crying their eyes out hearing about this, They wouldn’t be blessed with children if it wasn’t for Dr. Edwards’ work. Lives all around the world would have been very different without him.

This guy is heading straight to heaven, inshallah.