Star Wars finally coming to Blue-Ray

To all you hard core Blue-Ray DVD fans out there, Star Wars will finally be released in Blue-Ray DVD form. All 6 episodes, from both the Original trilogy and the prequel trilogy, will be available in a single box set.

You will have to wait a while for them, they won’t be released till fall of next year towards the end of 2011. You can get in line by pre-ordering them from amazon. The Star Wars boxed set will have bonus material, like deleted scenes from the original trilogy. Can’t wait!!


Amazing Exhibition: Door of Holly Ka’aba along with Ancient A9nam

The original door of Al-Ka3ba Al-Mosharafa is currently under exhibition at the Louvre’s Museum as part of the “Roads of Saudi Arabia” Exhibition.

What is shocking about this exhibition is that it will also feature an ancient statue dating 400-600 b.c., and this statue is just like Al-A9nam the Profit Mohammad ordered to be destroyed at the beginning of Islam.

The show will run from July 14 till September 27, 2010, and will be in the Louvre’s new Islamic Arts halls financed by prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal (approx. cost is $24.5 million).

I think the door is just amazing.