The dancing tower of Zain

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Zain’s building in Bahrain is just like Burj Al-Arab in dubai and the Al-Ta2meenat building in Kuwait, with dancing lights changing colors all the time.

I tried to take a few pics of the tower, at night. But i’m not really a good photographer, so I ended up with these pics of a dancing Zain building. I hope you enjoy them. They should be fun to look at.


An Ad without a name

Frankom had posted about an ad placed in a Saudi newspaper, where they forgot to out the store’s name on the ad. That was funny.

Well, before we start making fun of them, check this ad in today’s Al-Qabas. I had also posted yesterday about an ad that placed twice in the same paper , in the same day, on consecutive pages.

I guess someone in the ad world is getting affected by fasting in Ramadan.

Great morning & Funny Office Chart

Hilarious, silly, funny, true, scary, depressing….etc.

A very late ad by IKEA

I found this ad in today’s Al-Watan. Laish chethi ya IKEA? Don’t you know that tomorrow’s the last day of Ramadan? What a waste of good advertising money.

Older posts about IKEA are here, here, here, and here.

Very hilarious Google translator

I tried Google’s translation service over a post of mine. This is what I got. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing:

Here is my original post:

Kuwaiti rap song raddan 3ala Qatari rap song

I think almost everyone in kuwait heard the Qatari rap song they wrote after BuNabeel & BuQotada TV show mentioned their Sh. Hamd, wazeer el5arijiya malhum.

No matter what the Qatari people think about the episode, it’s just not cool to be dissing our Emir. Sh. Sabah has to be respected. He had nothing to do with the show or whatever arguments came of it. He is the head of Kuwait, and should not be joked about and insulted like the Qataris did in their silly song.

Frankom just posted a new Kuwaiti rap song, in response to the Qatari one. The song is respectful to Qatar, it doesn’t mention their Emir or insults anyone like they did us. Well, you do have to ignore the repeated use of the word Tais, But you got to admit, Qatar has a semi monopoly on the word anyways.

Enjoy the song, and I hope this matter is finally settled because it’s getting really ridiculous.

Don’t get disgusted coz this is really hilarious

Check out the fatty talky tummies in this vid, they are insanely funny.

I want to be like them, right now!!

I know it’s silly to want to be like them, and I guess that some of my Ramadan ajer might lessen when I talk like this. But aren’t we all thinking like I’m thinking? I mean, the weather is just too damn hot these days.

Anyways, I’m glad it’s the weekend, so we can at least stay inside the house. That helps with the thirst, to be out of the sun you know.