The Green Lantern Movie Trailer & Roller Coaster

The Green Lantern movie will open in cinemas on June 17, 2011. Not only that, the Green Lantern will also have its own brand new roller coaster ride, to be built in Six Flags – Magic Mountain.

Six flags is also planning on adding one more new ride, called SuperMan’s escape from Krypton. With these two new rides, Magic Mountain will hold the record for the park with the most roller coasters.

Check out this cool video about the new rides, and about Magic Mountain.


Watch the Three Musketeers Movie Trailer

The movie stars Orlando Bloom, but it won’t get released till October.

The New Smurfs Movie Trailer

The new Smurfs movie, “The Smurfs“, opens August 3rd, 2011.

Justin Bieber’s new movie

Justin Bieber’s new movie, Never say Never, is coming out next moth.

The Green Hornet opens to a huge success

The Green Hornet movie opened this weekend to a whopping $11 Million on Friday sales alone , that’s pretty impressive.

Gulliver’s Travels trailer دعاية فيلم غوليفر في ارض الاقزام

This movie is an adaptation of the famous Jonathan Swift novel of the same name, and it opens in the States today.

Brad Pitt and Sean Penn’s new movie trailer: The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a movie starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, and it’s coming out next year.

Beaver movie trailer

Beaver is Mel Gibson and Jodi Foster’s new movie.