Off to Bahrain

I was bored yesterday morning and started browsing airlines, punching in random close by cities. When I got to Jazeera Airways and Bahrain, I found the fare to be a damn bargain. At KD 38, how I can pass it? I am in love with Bahrain, so I can’t say no to such a steal deal!

So I booked it, booked a hotel, and will go there for 3eed. Only down side is I didn’t want to get there while I’m fasting, so I took the 7 p.m. flight. That’s how I ended up having by fast-break at kuwait Airport. And I have got to say their 3adas soup is really good.

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Great offer at Atlantis Dubai

A room in Atlantis for KD 105 per night is a great offer. I don’t know what’s happening with Dubai, but even the Jumeirah Beach Hotel has amazing offers. Remember when I wrote a post that rooms start from KD 80 including taxes and breakfast.

I love Dubai, I can love it double and take up both offers. Hmm, what a great idea.

Click the pic to go to Atlantis.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel advertising in a local paper

I think this is the first time EVER that the Jumeirah Beach Hotel has advertised in a local Kuwaiti newspaper. The demand for this hotel by Kuwaitis is so strong, that JBH ever hardly needs to advertise to get us to go there.  Sure they occasionally put up their hotel’s picture along with Dubai‘s annual “Dubai Summer Surprises” group ad, but never in a direct ad from the hotel like in this one.

I love Jumeirah Beach Hotel, wether you’re with kids or just adults. It’s nice, spacious, full of activities, has more than 50-60 resturants to chose from (obviously I’ve included Madinate Jumeirah resturats), had good pools, perfect gym, clean beach, a great water park… Oh, I think I can get this list going on for a long long time, beacuse the hotel is just that good.

Well, I’m glad that Jumeirah Beach Hotel is finally paying its customers in Kuwait some well deserved attention. And room prices are reasonable, starting from around DH 800++ including breakfast (ya3ni KD 80 with taxes and everything). You can get more details about this special GCC offer here.

Anyone for a short trip over to Dubai?

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9 things I want this Ramadan

  1. Do a Ramadan 3omra.
  2. Finish my Quran.
  3. More organized tarawee7.
  4. Cooler weather.
  5. Shorter fasting hours.
  6. Zakat calculations for Kuwaiti shares.
  7. Less headaches.
  8. Stop getting sick
  9. Longer Emsak timings.

Just added a blogroll to BuzFairy

My blog is very new, barely 3 weeks old. I’ve wanted to add a blog roll right from the beginning, of the blogs I followed all the time over the past few years; from Mark’s 248am to Zaidon’s Kuwait-Unplugged. I felt a bit weird to be adding my favorite blogs on my blog, that’s why I hadn’t done so yet. But now I’ve decided to put them on.

I hope it’s ok with you guys and girls who own the blogs on my new blogroll. I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting you, except that I’ve been following most of you for years and years, and have always enjoyed (and used) what you post.

Here are my heros and heroines:

A special thanks goes to Q8TravelBud for supporting me with comments and suggestions from the beginning. This blog is one of the many new friends I’ve made since I started my blog.

Again, I hope it’s ok with you if I put you on my blogroll. Thanks a million.

Great escape holiday

I don’t know about you guys, but a short\sweet trip just before Ramadhan sure sounds wonderful right about now. Question is, Sharm wela Beirut.