Why I love Mohammad Al-Saqer ليش احب محمد الصقر

It shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone who reads my blog that I am a hard-core liberal and a fan of old school Kuwaiti patriotism. But it still has to be said, as a voter in the 2nd district, I have felt a loss after Mohammad Al-Saqer declined to run for parliament again. We have tried, unsuccessfully, to find suitable replacements.

I grew up in an era when Mohammad Al-Saqer ran Al-Qabas. And as much as I love Waleed Al-Nesef’s Qabas, it just isn’t the same since Al-Saqer left. Saying this, I have to admit that I was, honorably, one of the first followers of Mohammad Al-Saqer’s new newspaper, Al-Jareeda.

But what I love most about him are his political views that never change with the tides,AND his human nature. I still remember him crying on live TV when one of my uncles, who happened to be one of his best friends, died and he had a set interview that same night on TV. Now reading his eulogy of his brother, I am confident in this humane nature. You have got to love a guy who stands by his beliefs, and still is man enough to be emotionally open.

Here is to having more Mohammad Al-Saqers in our lives.

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Allah yr7am Wael Al-Saqer الله يرحم وائل الصقر

Wael Al-Saqer died on his way to lunch in the chales of Bnaider Friday noon,  just opposite McDonald’s. Allah yr7am Wael w eygamd roo7ah elyannah inshalla

Allah eykafeenah shar el7awadith w shar elgafla